Recommended Resources:

The GeoBook Team has met some extraordinary people and come across some amazing resources that we would like to share with you. Please use this list to further your journey through Big History. The sky is no limit!

The International Big History Association
Founded in August of 2010, the IBHA defines its purpose as "to promote, support, and sponsor the diffusion and improvement of the academic and scholarly knowledge of the scientific field of endeavor commonly known as 'Big History' by means of teaching and research, and to engage in activities related thereto."

Deep Time Journey Network
Filled with resources and forums, The DTJN is a network of those working, learning, and creating in and around the Big History field. Users can create a profile, share resources, access programs worldwide, form study groups, and so much more.

Cynthia Stokes Brown
From 1982 to 1992, Brown taught the single-subject credential program at Dominican University of California in San Rafael, focusing on Big History. After retiring from over 25 years of being an educator, she published Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present, a must for any Big Historian's bookshelf. Brown is also a founding member of the IBHA.

David Christian
With a background in the history of Russia and Soviet Union, Christian started teaching courses on Big History in 1989 at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He is a founding member of IBHA and you may recognize him from his TED Talk on Big History.

The Naturalist's Notebook
Founded in 2009 by artist/photographer Pamelia Markwood and her husband, Craig Neff, a longtime Sports Illustrated editor and writer, the Naturalist's Notebook is a "unique exploratorium, shop, and 13.8-billion-year brain-building adventure that fills three floors of a lovely 1895 building in Seal Harbor, Maine."