The GeoBookStudio

Passion and Dedication

After years of dreaming and planning, Wendy Curtis began work on a visually driven Big History narrative, in 2001. A studio was remodeled with one wall large enough to display all the pages of the book, so that the subject could be reviewed in its entirety. At the time, the label of ‘Big History’ had not yet been coined and Wendy spent a lot of time just explaining why a narrative of such large scope - the Big Bang to the present day - would be worthwhile. Soon, however, other collaborators were found, each of whom gave some criticism, encouragement, or contributed ideas. The project progressed slowly and overtime an array of researchers, illustrators and designers made contributions. Eventually a small, flexible team was assembled. We hope that our visually exciting, scientifically-based narrative is useful and empowering to readers and nourishes their sense of wonder and optimism. The Biggest Picture is aimed at a broad range of ages and abilities.

Team GeoBook has been recently taking on some new and exciting projects that are sure to add depth and wonder to the GeoBookStudio's offerings. Be sure to check the Projects page often for updates on what Team GeoBook cooks up next!