Big History in Flight takes off

GeoBookStudio's first   Little Big History  publication is launched

We here at GeoBookStudio have been furiously working away to bring you another book. Building off the framework of our flagship publication, The Biggest Picture, we again dove into the genre of Big History. This time though, we’ve turned our attention to the sky.
Big History in Flight: From Drifting and Soaring to Flying and Deep Space Exploration, is an in-depth look at flight in all its manifestations. Starting a story at the beginning is important to us here at GeoBookStudio, and Big History in Flight is no exception.

The Big History of flight starts at the Big Bang, as the first elements form and gravity sets to work. Both an asset and an obstacle, gravity guides objects gliding through the topography of space, but humans will not use this tool in space travel until they have first overcome it as a hurdle to terrestrial flight.
Long before humans even arrive on the scene however, at a time when tetrapods are struggling to even stand on dry land, insects are the first animals to fly. Pterosaurs take wing before the birds, but fail to survive the extinction event caused by the arrival of an errant asteroid. Mammals join the birds in surviving and bats soon flap their way into the world.
It isn’t until millennia later that humans dream of flying and learn to bend the wind with boat sails. Finally, humans rise into the air with lighter-than-air ships, which are soon eclipsed by gliders and then airplanes. Interaction of the airplane with the wartime industrial economy creates astonishingly rapid further development.

Join us as we explore the story of just how quickly humans have moved from fletched arrows and sailing ships to airline transport, intercontinental ballistic missiles, satellite information systems, and space travel.

Contributors to Big History in Flight include:
Chris Bowen and Katie Hennessey
Arianna Bruno, Carl Caivano, Ernie Carbone, Michael Kelley, Mike Kuehlmuss, Michelle Kroll,
Jay Rathaus, Jingyu Rhine, Jason Root, Steffani Scheer, Dan Taibbi, Mike Thorn and Bianca Wege