The Biggest Picture

From the Big Bang to the Development of the Big Bang Theory

Authored by Wendy Curtis
Contributions by Evan Serio, Arianna Bruno, Jason Root, Michelle Kroll, and others

Upon opening this book the reader is embarking on a visual odyssey through vast cosmic stretches of space and time, from the moment the Universe is born to the present. The illustrations lead the chronological unfolding of events and the words support the illustrations.

Also available as an iBook

The Biggest Picture

The GeoBook Studio:

Upon opening this book the reader is embarking on a journey through space time, from the moment the Universe was born to the present day. The pace is brisk but refreshing: the big picture is always emphasized and technical jargon and extraneous details are kept to a minimum. The reader is embarking on a visually stunning odyssey through vast cosmic stretches of space and time. The reader will be invigorated with a more complete understanding of where they came from; a bird's eye view to understanding how the Universe came about and evolved and how the Earth formed and came to support complex and intelligent life. Because the scope of the book is so large, only the most important concepts are presented. With these first order ideas, the reader will have a framework of fundamental understanding of the evolution of the Universe, life and science. We hope this new framework we have given the reader inspires them to find further information in other books, museums, science programs or our upcoming app which will offer more detail accessible through clickable links and animations. In this way the reader can steer their own ship of science and gather more supporting information at their leisure, stowing new enriching details they pick up along the way, furthering their understanding.

If the supporting details are sound, they will bolster the framework of understanding. If the new details are inconsistent, it will be an indication of an error in the framework. In science (unlike some other codes of human thought), the theory or framework must fit the facts. Science mandates that the framework or paradigm be altered if necessary. Science is a tool that humanity is continually shaping in our quest to understand the world around us. We at GeobookStudio endeavor to nurture the reader's sense of wonder and a skeptical inquisitiveness for knowledge, to empower the reader with not just the achievements of science but the process of science as well.